「What is A-list?」

We are dealings with almost all the japanese advertisement distribution companies,
and can handle ad networks · DSP · SSP without any bias.
Because of the partnering with the best ad server/network to fit your site, it will give you high returns!

「Features of A-list」

・Handling most advertising distribution companies in Japan
・Optimized ad delivery is possible
・Since handed it over with a single tag, there is no hassle
・Since we check the hourly report, we can deliver high-priced items in real time
・Supports troublesome operation with professional knowledge
Recommend to those who
→ Log in to each ADNW everytime is troublesome → Contract is troublesome → I do not know the optimization.

「Benefits of A-list」

・Since there are no restrictions on the case, the high cost unit can be delivered.
・carefully support from Media personnel
・Dedicated staff will carefully support each media kindly
・We will make proposals and advice for maximizing advertising profits on media site owner`s side.
・We will respond flexibly to individual consultation.

「Flow to the sending Ad」

■1.Confirm site basic information
・We will review site name, URL, monthly PV (PC & smartphone optimization site).
■2.Confirm information of room where the Ad will be in
・Advertisement page, placement position, size, Current CPC, CTR, CPM for advertisement room
・I will review case examples of advertisements that gave good results in the past.
  ※Please share information as much as possible for the smooth process.
■3.(A-List) Preparing ads
・We will consider the optimized delivery, arrange the best advertisement set up for the distribution.
※It takes about 7 days to 10 days until the issuance of tag
■4.Issuing the management page
・On the admin page, you can acquire ad tags, check reports and manage funds.
■5.(A-List) Confirm profits and maximization of possible profits
・Optimization of distributed advertisement based on actual data
・We will negotiate and adjust each client side to further maximize profits